1. Pattern wise syllabus design

Study is based such that all the initial phase or basics and fundamental concepts of mathematics can be cleared.
Thereafter, teaching of higher level concepts that strengthens the analytical ability , concept interpretation skills and problem solving skill of the students. The whole course plane for the session is designed in a way such that each and every student gets equipped to perform well in boards as well as JEE also.
2. Special doubt clearing class
Two days (Saturday and Sunday) in every week student can come and clear their each and every doubt individually.

3. DPS (daily practice sheet)
It is a set of questions incorporated within each topic. It is provided to each and every students by which they can practice more and more. It provides a strong foundation to understand the concepts.

4. Weekly assessment
Weekly assessment is conducted such that teacher can judge the level of progress.

Note:- any information and the result of the test is being sent to the students through  message within a week from the date of test.

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